2010 Event Format

This years final will feature the following rounds:

This round gives the girls the chance to show off their own style, wearing what they like to wear when being girls around town, either on a shopping trip with friends or on a midweek date!
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What would a beauty contest be without a swimwear round? The girls show off the outfits that we can all hope to see next summer!

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Fancy Dress
In every contest we run we put a round in that's a little bit different. With Halloween almost upon us a fancy dress round was too good an opportunity to miss. Witches, ghosts or superheroes, who knows what our finalists will go out 'guising in!

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The Grand Finale, with the look and style that would put Red Carpet guests at any event to shame, the Miss Glasgow 2010 Finalists show why Glasgow is the place to be!

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